Jasmine Rynae

About The Artist – Jasmine Rynae
Local from the Hunter Valley, I am an aspiring Australian landscape artist, daytime-wonderer, and saved and redeemed by grace! I was homeschooled in my family and have been self-taught in art ever since I was allowed to pick up a paintbrush.

Despite being the main contributor (past and present) to the colourful stains on our furniture, I am and have always felt creating as a safe place for my mind to be at rest, and often spend my days taking to paints and palettes.

My Painting

I paint in an echo and reflection of land and sky through a vibrant and surreal usage of colour and style.

I create most often using oils, acrylics, or a mixed medium of both! I hope to display the feeling of peace through my paintings in the same way it has brought me peace to paint His Creation.

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