Marilyn Rudak

I have been involved in art all my life in some form or other. Always changing, experimenting and learning.

I started as a child, and have continued developing my skills throughout the years. Landscapes, portraits and animals (birds, dogs, horses, wildlife and cows) are my chosen subjects, oils/water colour have been my preferred medium. Although, more recently the medium acrylic has taken favour.

Originally from Sydney, my career was a graphic designer in the printing industry. Designing brochures, annual reports, business cards, stationery and adhesive labels. I moved onto selling these products to the marketing place. In my early years also studying art at night school, and also attending many workshops over the following years. The city and coastal landscapes provided my inspiration.

Now retired, each canvas or paper that is approached brings excitement and a hope for improvement. Although only recently becoming a resident, in Brookfield (near Dungog) from January 2011 I am very familiar with the area having been a regular visitor for the past 15 years.

Before residing in the Dungog shire I was a member of the Dungog Arts Society and won the Dungog Art Prize – Landscape Section in 2010. As a Committee Member I held the role as President in 2013 & 2014. I have in the past had two shared exhibitions and one solo which furthered my comprehension. Finally, shared a successful project of a mural, housed in the Dungog Show Grandstand. 

Being a member of DAS has helped bring inspiration, possibly because of the beauty of our surroundings.

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Phone – 4995 6030

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